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We will advise and help you obtain the perfect domain name and the correct web hosting package. We will design and build your website, incorporating any background information and imagery you may or may not already have. If you want to provide an online shopping facility to your web visitors, we will design and build it to work smoothly within your website and maximise the sales potential of your products. Then when the project is completed to your absolute satisfaction, we will upload the site and it will go “live” on the world wide web!

Good visual design and a thoughtful user interface

A website that is not visually pleasing is a quick turn off, whilst one that has too many animations and gimmicks is similarly off putting (not to mention slow-loading!). Clean and simple is a good rule but with an eye-catching design. This should attract the first time visitor sufficiently to make them want to investigate further and make it a pleasant experience for repeat visitors who use the site regularly.

Relevant content which is easy to navigate

There is a saying, that “content is king” and you might have a pretty web site which will catch someone’s eye but if the content is no good, people aren’t going to stick around for long. Therefore it’s important to provide helpful, knowledgeable information about your company, products and services, whilst making it easy for visitors to navigate their way around the site quickly and logically. They want to know how you can help them and to be able to find that information with the minimum effort.

Search engine optimisation, visitor statistics and analytics

So you have a website.......now you want as many people as possible to know and visit it. You want to achieve high rankings in the most important search engines and online business directories. We optimise your site to achieve the best possible results, although it is a gradual snowball effect and doesn’t happen overnight. Using a few different services that offer tracking of web site statistics, we provide you with a weekly summary, including information such as: How many hits does my site receive? How many of these are from first time, repeat, or unique visitors? How are people finding my web site? What search terms are they using to find me? What web sites link to me? What are the most popular pages on my site? Who is my average visitor (by platform / browser / screen resolution)?