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Domain names, e.g. www.yourbusiness.com

Unless you already have a domain name, we will advise on the best, most apt name to

promote your business and obtain the best ranking results in the top search engines, such

as Google and Bing. The name must be renewed every year to keep it registered  and

avoid losing it.

 (approximately) 25 euros

Website hosting

If you don’t already have a website hosting package, we will advise on the cheapest option, based on how much space will be needed and how busy the site is likely to be. The hosting must be renewed every year if you want to keep your site online. (approximately) 90 euros

Design and creation of a site                        

“Mini-site” of up to 3 pages

   50 euros

Average website of around 12 pages, without online shopping facility. For  larger, more

complex sites, or those with online shopping, please contact us for a quotation.

250 euros

Future changes, updates and amendments

No charge if there are never going to be any changes to your site, although normally you will want to change and refresh things, advertise special offers, add new photos and news etc. We can either negotiate a small monthly retainer to cover all updates, or we can quote them on an ad hoc basis, when they crop up.